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What are the determinants of non-standard container prices?

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What are the determinants of non-standard container prices?

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Container is an indispensable loading device in the field of logistics. Because of its durability, moisture-proof Fang and large capacity and volume of chao, it is highly praised at home and abroad. Especially in the export business, it is indispensable for marine appliances. You may be aware of the use of containers, but you may not be familiar with the price of containers. What are the determinants of container prices? What are the determinants of container prices?

Prices of raw materials

The price of raw materials is one of the determinants of container price. Containers are mainly made of corrugated boards. Corrugated boards belong to one kind of steel. It is a kind of steel formed by galvanized sheets after spraying, coating and bending. Its advantages are easy processing, strong weather resistance and durability. As we all know, the steel market is changing rapidly, and the price of steel is even Yi day by day. Price segment, which also determines that the price of containers also changes greatly, generally with the rise of steel prices and rise.


II. Size of Containers

The size of containers is also one of the decisive factors of container price, and also one of the matters we should pay attention to when considering the price of containers. The size of containers is determined by their length, width and height. Containers can be divided into general containers and high containers. The size of general containers can be divided into two different sizes: 20-foot and 40-foot. The larger the size of general containers, the higher the price of containers will be. The lower it is, the more suitable containers you can choose according to the size of your own cargo to meet your own requirements.

III. Manufacturing Technology of Containers

Container manufacturing technology determines the quality of the container, and the quality of the container determines the price of the container. The Jingzhang character of container manufacturing technology is mainly reflected in its weld flawless, multi-layer coating can not drop paint, scientific load-bearing design, etc. Usually, the more sophisticated the manufacturing technology, the higher the price of the container will be. When we calculate the price of the container, we can make the manufacturer. The exquisite craftsmanship is one of the reference factors for choosing Quan good container price.

These are the three important factors to determine the container price, which should help us to calculate and choose the container price. The container price is a part of the transportation cost, and then determines the profit of the enterprise. Therefore, when using the container, we should first have a deep understanding of the container price to select the suitable one. Containers that exceed their value.

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