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Application of Energy Storage Container

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Application of Energy Storage Containers

Energy storage container products mainly use domestic first-line brand lithium battery batteries.

The main energy storage system is lead-carbon/lithium iron phosphate/ternary batteries. AC/DC power conversion and power flow control are realized by two-way converter PCS. The power storage system is connected to the distribution side network of the user through the middle and low voltage distribution room, or the boost transformer is integrated into the 10KV/35kV distribution side network.

The whole energy storage system includes: 1 energy storage container 02.jpg

(1) Lithium iron phosphate battery, battery bracket

BMS battery management system;

(3) Bidirectional converter PCS and isolation transformer;

4. AC/DC Distribution Cabinet

Fire system: smoke sense, fire alarm, automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing device, etc.

Lighting System: Explosion-proof Electrical Appliances and Emergency Lighting Composition

Temperature Control System: Industrial Air Conditioning, Air Channel, Fan, etc.

Use of environmental thermal insulation: (A) grade fire-proof materials

EMS Energy Consumption Management System

Energy Feedback System

Prospects for energy storage containers:

The domestic electricity energy storage market is huge. According to the forecast of clean energy made by the power grid in 2010, by 2020, the installed capacity of wind power and solar power in China will reach 150 million kW and 20 million kW respectively. The energy storage capacity will be allocated according to 20% of the capacity, and there will be 34 million kW energy storage market demand in the field of energy generation alone. If 10 million kW of sodium sulfur batteries are used, the output value can reach 150 billion yuan, estimated at 15 yuan/W. With the continuous improvement of the performance of domestic sodium sulfur batteries and the integration technology of environmental modules, once commercialized, large-scale power storage projects will increase rapidly in a short time.

Application: According to the requirement of the project "Research and Demonstration of the Aggregation Effect of Multi-point Distributed Energy Storage System in Power Grid", in 2018, Henan Electric Power Company of State Grid selected 16 substations in 9 areas, such as Luoyang and Xinyang, and adopted the technical scheme of "Distributed Arrangement, Modular Design, Unitary Access, Centralized Regulation and Control", to carry out 100 MW distribution on the domestic power grid side. Construction of Demonstration Project for Battery Energy Storage

Jiangsu has built large-scale energy storage projects, including eight energy storage power stations in Danyang, Yangzhong and Zhenjiang new areas. The total power on the grid side of the project is 101 MW and the total capacity is 202 MW. It is a large-scale battery energy storage power station project worldwide, and it has a demonstration role in the exploration and practice of distributed energy storage.

After the completion of the energy storage power station project, it can provide peak shaving, frequency modulation, standby, black start, demand response and other services for power grid operation, give full play to the role of peak shaving, develop peak shaving and valley filling of power grid in Zhenjiang area, and effectively alleviate the power supply pressure of Eastern Zhenjiang power grid this summer. Among them, Jianshan and Changwang Energy Storage Power Stations have been commissioned on June 21.


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